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Bianca De La Garza

Why such excitement over a party?  It is amazing to sit back and listen to my the client's vision. To see the excitement and sometimes nervousness as they tell me about their event. I cherish their trust in me to recreate a new world for them. Together we create a party, a transformed moment to add to their collection of family photos. Sometimes to Celebrate a union, a new life, success and even easing the pain of loss. all and always to say...I love you. It is breathtaking as I watch the event unfold. as the tears fall, people embrace and the lights are dimmed. excitement and gratitude fills the room for a night where everyone can just "BE". To me, it's more than a fancy party, as all the details come together It can be magic but never...just... a party. 


                                                                              -Bianca D.

"It is Breathtaking to watch the Event unfold..."

"Bianca and her crew were so impressive. Everything was handled with ease and professionalism. We just celebrated our daughter’s wedding on Saturday. 150 people on the lawn. It was amazing! The DJ, the food and bar, the dance floor, the lightening, the table service was incredible! I was a nervous Mother of the Bride but Bianca handled everything with ease."


-Annette Baine May 2019

"All we can say is amazing! Bianca took everything we wanted and made it come together for our special day. She made sure we had nothing to stress or worry about because she took care of it all. The location was great, food delicious, DJ Danny hit the mark, and our Wedding coordinator Bianca was/is Amazing!!!!! Thank you"

-Cynthia March 2018

"Amazing, we would do it all over again again just to have the same feeling all over again. Bianca was amazing! At the end of our event we felt like family. She took care of all our concerns and made sure that we were happy. Thank you B for making our wedding truly magical"


-Brechelle October 2018

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